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Glowing Costume Harnesses New 3D Printing Approach

Glowing Costume Harnesses New 3D Printing Approach


It’s protected to say that the 2 hottest 3D printing processes in use immediately are Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and resin printing. The latter time period encompasses a number of completely different methods that make the most of vats of photosensitive resin, the most typical being MSLA (Masked Stereolithography). However what in case you might mix FDM and resin printing to get the perfect of each worlds? What might you make? Dressmaker Anouk Wipprecht used such a method to manufacture this eye-catching illuminated gown.

The 3D printing course of utilized by Wipprecht is known as Reactive Deposition Modeling (RDM). An RDM 3D printer strikes like an FDM printer, however extrudes a particular viscous resin as a substitute of molten thermoplastic filament. The RDM printer then instantly cures the extruded resin earlier than it may possibly ooze or deform.

Wipprecht partnered with Chromatic 3D Supplies to reap the benefits of their ChromaFlow 70 polyurethane resin, which is robust, versatile, and out there in semi-translucent colours. That was key to the design of this gown, as a result of the illumination comes from massive 3D-printed studs that cowl the gown. These wanted to be versatile sufficient for a gown and wanted to diffuse the sunshine. The RDM printing course of was integral, as a result of it let Wipprecht print instantly onto the underlying material and to pause the prints as a way to place the digital parts.

These parts included an Arduino UNO R4 board, an Arduino Nano, proximity sensors, and Adafruit Flora RGB NeoPixel V2 LEDs. The proximity sensors let the gown react to the motion of the wearer. The gown has virtually 75 of the LED pods to supply participating results.

This gown will probably be out there for viewing at Frankfurt, Germany’s upcoming Formnext occasion, which is able to run from November seventh to November tenth. You may see it on the Chromatic 3D Supplies sales space, positioned in Corridor 12.1, E110.

We’re impressed by Wipprecht’s gown design, however we additionally discover the RDM 3D printing course of and the ChromaFlow resin very intriguing. It has huge potential, even exterior of e-textiles, and we’re excited to see how individuals use it.



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