Home Programming News Find out how to Override width and top HTML attributes with CSS

Find out how to Override width and top HTML attributes with CSS

Find out how to Override width and top HTML attributes with CSS

One of many HTML parts that incessantly comes into collision with CSS is the img ingredient. As we realized in Request Metrics’ Fixing Cumulative Format Shift Issues on DavidWalshBlog article, offering picture dimensions inside the picture tag will assist to enhance your web site’s rating. However in a world the place responsive design is king, we’d like CSS and HTML to work collectively.

Most responsive design model changes are carried out by way of max-width values, however once you present a top worth to your picture, you will get a distorted picture. The objective ought to all the time be a show photographs in relative dimensions. So how can we make sure the top attribute does not battle with max-width values?

The reply is as simple as top: auto!

/* assuming any media question */
img {
  /* Make sure the picture does not go offscreen */
  max-width: 500px;
  /* Make sure the picture top is responsive no matter HTML attribute */
  top: auto;

The dance to please customers and engines like google is all the time a enjoyable steadiness. CSS and HTML have been by no means meant to battle however in some instances they do. Use this code to optimize for each customers and engines like google!

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