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DTCoreText 1.6.27 | Cocoanetics

DTCoreText 1.6.27 | Cocoanetics


This can be a upkeep launch, after the earlier one was greater than a 12 months outdated. There have been a pair open pull requests which I merged.


  • Modified DTTextAttachment to be a subclass of NSTextAttachment to keep away from some crashes.
  • Take away the checking of tiled layer in DTAttributedTextContentView.
  • Eliminated unneeded fixed inflicting a warning
  • Added assist for underline colour
  • Added capability to move in a UIFontDescriptor for DTHTMLAttributedStringBuilder

On the primary change I believe there may be some additional work essential to truly use the native sizing capabilities appropriately. DTCoreText was began at a time when there was no NSTextAttachment on iOS (earlier than iOS 7). Since we can not even construct for this platform any extra for a number of years, it was okay to make this modification.

The final change received carried out to cope with a problem the place Instances New Roman can be used as a substitute of San Francisco UI.

Many due to the contributors of pull requests!

Additionally revealed on Medium.

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