Home Nanotechnology A catch-and-release nano-based gene supply system

A catch-and-release nano-based gene supply system

A catch-and-release nano-based gene supply system


The design of nanomaterial-based nucleic acid formulations is among the greatest endeavours within the seek for clinically relevant gene supply methods. Biopolymers signify a promising subclass of gene carriers resulting from their physicochemical properties, biodegradability and biocompatibility. By modifying melanin-like polydopamine nanoparticles with poly-L-arginine and poly-L-histidine blends, we obtained a novel catch-and-release gene supply system for environment friendly trafficking of pDNA to human cells. A synergistic interaction of nanoparticle-bound poly-L-arginine and poly-L-histidine was noticed and evaluated for pDNA binding affinity, cell viability, gene launch and transfection. Though the functionalisation with poly-L-arginine was essential for pDNA binding, the ensuing nanocarriers did not launch pDNA intracellularly, leading to restricted protein expression. Nonetheless, optimum pDNA launch was achieved by way of the co-formulation with poly-L-histidine, important for pDNA launch. This impact enabled the design of gene supply methods, which have been similar to Lipofectamine when it comes to transfection efficacy and the catch-and-release floor modification technique will be translated to different nanocarriers and surfaces.

Graphical abstract: A catch-and-release nano-based gene delivery system



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